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I have tried every curly hair product going this is really good at eliminating frizz and made my curls more defined for longer!

Life changing

This product is amazing. Keeping my mad hair under control, keeping moisture locked in, keeping my sanity and head hat free.

Papaya Slip Taming Potion 300ml

Smells gorgeous and moisturises beautifully

Loving this shampoo that I bought in the small size to try out. It smells beautiful and cleanses my hair and scalp whilst also providing some much needed moisture to my dry curls! It works really well with the Babassu primer and the bamboo ginseng mousse. Haven't needed to use a gel on top!

Lovely curls that last

This mousse defines my curls beautifully. It creates a cast initially but once that's been broken the curls look lovely and soft and well-defined. On Day 3 I've used just one pump to define certain curls again that have got a little diffuse after sleeping on them. Very happy with this product. Gives good volume too and doesn't weigh my hair down at all.

Beautifully defines my curls (smells lush)

A little goes a long way, defines and great topped over papaya slip, also plays well with other brands ...tiny amounts ..also smells amazing

Beautifully defines my curls (smells lush)

Tingly in a good way gentle cleanser this repeat buy...cleans well without stripping moisture and puts the boing and bounce back, plus smells amazing so lifts your mood whilst using.

Outstanding product

This is the best shampoo ever.

My favourite

I love this gel, it gives a great cast that scrunches out well and holds my curls all day. I have very dark brown hair and this doesn’t flake or leave any white bits in my hair. Holds the curls without being too stiff or crunchy or looking too ‘wet’. Gives great definition too. My hair is very fine so I have to wet refresh daily, I use this or the berry fix and I get great results.

5/5 when used together

I have tried everything on the market for over 40 years to get my curls perfect. Yesterday I decided to use my Trepadora again before giving it away. Something just hit me out of the blue and said to use the Papaya Slip as a base and the Bamboo Ginseng Glaze as a topper. It’s finally perfection for my hair type and curl pattern.

Love this glaze!

I have tried nearky every gel avaliable and this is my fave. I use this glaze after the mousse. Gives great hold for days but does not leave my hair stiff like other gels. My hair feels soft and not dry. My hair is long and wavy/curly 2b/2c.

Fabulous mousse

I absolutely love this mousse, I use it before the gel and on very wet hair. It encourages fabulous clumps and keeps my hair from drying. This pairs well with glazing gel. I have also used on 4th day hair to reduce frizz

Clean scalp

The hibiscus pink cleansing clay, is like no other cleanser I have used. I have found using a small amount applied to my scalp and massaged with my finger tips has made a significant difference to the build up of styling products and itchy scalp I was experiencing. It smells great, leaves your scalp and hair feeling clean. Highly recommend

Great conditioner for coarse curly hair

Love the smell and texture. Makes my hair feel lovely after use. As I get older my grey hairs get harder to look after.
So good I’m thinking of getting a monthly subscription!

Jury’s one

Tried this as a leave in before papaya slip and ginseng mousse twists, and the results are a bit, well, meh. Thought a primer would help me not to have to use the ginseng gel which is quite a firm hold but I can’t see it added any value. I’ll work with it in the hope it will improve but wasn’t blown away on initial use . Maybe I’ll go back to my Uncle Funky’s as a primer.

Hi Jackie just thought it would be helpful to explain to you that our Babassu Quench Leave-In Curl Primer is a conditioning product not a styler with hold. It sounds like you may be confused as to how it works. You use our primer to bind moisture to your curls before you layer on your styling products. If you would like to try another level of hold please try our Acai Berry Fix Defining Gel as your base gel. We hope this helps.

I love the smell, and how it lathers up. It leaves my hair squeaky clean. I use a conditioner from another range, and then the bamboo ginseng curling glaze.

I think, after about 35 years, I might have finally cracked how to get my hair to look the way I want it to!

I have really fine hair, so I need to be careful about how my curls form. Once I’d figured out how to use it, it’s brilliant.
I think, after about 35 years, I might have finally cracked how to get my hair to look the way I want it to!

Incredible...There's Nothing Better on the Market

After using the shampoo, my scalp feels so clean and refreshed. And it leaves my hair so soft. Finally, the scent is immaculate. The product smells like I'm at a spa. So fresh and clean (and not perfumy!). I feel elevated!

Fabulous, I've seen such an improvement in my curls, less frizz more curls

Love this product!

This glaze gives my natural coils strong, lasting shiny hold without stiffness or flakes. It’s worth the money.

smells gorgeous and great on my curls

My sister got me some mini bottles of these and when they ran out I treated myself to the full size. Great on my curls, not sticky or crispy, gives my hair bounce, plus it smells gorgeous. A little goes a long way.

Smells divine and is great on my hair

My sister got me some mini bottle sof these and when they ran out I treated myself to the full size. Great on my curls, not sticky or crispy, gives my hair bounce, plus it smells gorgeous. A little goes a long way.

So far so good

Bryony recommended I use this one a week after I emailed asking for help with my frizzy, argumentative curly waves. She also told me how to use the other products to get the best results, which has really made a difference. All together, it seems that my hair is staying in style longer, with less frizz and more curls. I think it'll keep getting better, too, so I'm really pleased. Excellent customer service as usual.

My favorite product!

The papaya slip is a staple in my hair care routine, it works so well on my tight curls and smells heavenly!


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